What do skunks eat?


Skunks are the species of mammals that belong to the mephitidae family. They are further divided into eleven different species depending upon the slight variations among their sizes, colors, features and habitat. Skunks are mostly found around the western hemisphere or it may be said that they have their origins over there, it includes the areas of North and south of America. They are well known around the globe because of their extremely active scent glands by which they can easily smell any predator coming towards them and they are also known because of the highly pernicious odor they release to defend themselves, as the predators do not try to approach them after smelling that odor. These skunks share a wide range of habitat that they live in deserts, forests and mountains as well. Due to their different habitats, they possess slight variations in their diets and habits depending upon their environmental characteristics.

Diet of skunks:

Skunks are omnivores, so they enjoy both the plants and the meat. When it comes to their feedings they have a large range of options to satisfy their eating requirements. Although their diets change according to the environmental changes, but, the skunks in any of the habitats or environments are both plants and meat-eaters. Furthermore, the choice of skunks' meal depends upon the availability of the food at that time.


Because these skunks are omnivores, they eat plants too. When there is no prey available to them, they will satisfy their hunger by eating several plants, fruits or vegetables such as cherries, corn, bananas, beans, grapes and almost all other plants too. They will not probably do hard work to get fresh fruits or vegetables, rather they will prefer the food that has already fallen on the ground or the leftovers of others' meal or the rotten food that has been thrown by others, they can also eat the deteriorated crops or seeds that are waste materials for the farmers.

Meat or flesh:

Although, Skunks will eat plants but they prefer to eat the meat of other animals. Where they have the power to keep their predators away from them by their strong odor, they lack the superpowers to prey and fight with other big and powerful animals. So they prey small animals that are easy to chase and satisfy their feeding needs. Their most easily approached meals may include; rats, mice, lizards, frogs, rabbits, small birds and the eggs of birds and all other insects and many other small animals.
Along with finding their meal in plants and meat, Skunks may also eat the garbage, leftovers of humans, pet food, and sometimes even the wastes of several animals.

Wrap up:

Skunks are not so picky animals when it comes to their feedings. Their feeding choices may vary in different seasons but it couldn't get them in trouble with finding food, they know to survive even in the situations where they are not able to get the meal according to their preferences, they don't hibernate in a wait of having their preferred food. Rather than in some specific conditions, they can eat anything and everything easily available to them.

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