Squirrel Extermination


They are one of the most ordinary species who were found by the peoples of Australia and then introduced to the world. The family of squirrels has varieties of rodents. They are mostly found in Australia and America. Squirrels are well known for grabbing nuts and acorns and then hide them in the ground. They are mostly running on the trees, grounds and backyards.

Where do Squirrels live?

There are no specific boundaries for squirrels. But squirrels in large percentage live in the forest or woodland and make homes in trees by digging holes in the branches of trees. They also live in the gardens, parks, and home yards. In simple words, we can say that they make a place for themselves where ever there is greenery. The squirrels made homes in branches of weak trees by barking the branches and digging holes. The squirrels are not harmful for human beings so they can be kept in the gardens of homes easily.

Tips to get rid of squirrels

The squirrels are not easy to get rid of but by temporary methods we can get rid of them. There are some precaution which are kept to rid of squirrels.

  • Do not plant such trees or roses which attract them. The roses whose smell and color attract them should not be planted moreover plant those roses which are unattractive to them so that they won’t enter your field.
  • The squirrels are scared of dogs and cats. So by keeping dogs and cats, the squirrels avoid that area. And if you don't have any animal to scare them then place a plastic bowl in the front of the field to keep the squirrels away from your field.
  • Never throw animal food on the ground otherwise the squirrel with enter the field again for the desire of food. So never feed the squirrels with animal food and when you will stop feeding them they won’t come to your place.
  • Spraying trees and plants with motion-activated systems will help to keep away the squirrels from your yard.
  • Grow more daffodils as it has a toxin in your fields. Squirrels never liked the snowdrops so plant more and more spring bulbs
  • By blocking the entering points of squirrels can stop them from entering your field.
  • By trapping them in cages. Before trapping .just make sure that trapping is not illegal.
  • By planting trees with more care. The trimming of branches should be proper and trees should be watered daily. And most importantly cut down the low tangled branches, as these are helpful for them to climb the tree
  • Cover the tree base with a sheet so that they won't be able to climb the tree.


Squirrels may cause harm to trees and plants but not to human beings. Keeping in homes would not be a favorable idea. The squirrels use to cut the electric wires like mice as they have sharp teeth, so make sure to protect your wires from fire hazards. The squirrels' extermination is very difficult than anyone can think, but using these precautions can solve a problem to some extent.

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